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Referred to as the ‘King Salmon’. Along other parts of the Pacific coast, the Chinook is the largest of the Salmon family and is regularly found in the ocean off the mouth of many west coast rivers and up to 90 miles inland. The spring runs begin in March or April and extends into June. Spawning occurs in September and October. The fall run Chinook starts in to the rivers early in August in the bays and up river in September and extending to October. The larger of the two runs seems to be the fall run with fish averaging 25 lbs. and as large as 50 lbs. and larger fish. Spring Chinook average 20 lbs. and 40 lbs. not being uncommon. Fall Chinook seem to be a better biting fish and the weather is very enjoyable.
RIVERS Umpqua and Smith
Also known as the ‘Silver’ and much smaller than the Chinook, Coho are abundant throughout most of the Pacific Northwest bays and rivers. They enter the rivers with the fall Chinook and are most common during the late part of the fall run. A favorite among sportsmen with light tackle.
BASS Smallmouth
RIVERS Main and South Umpqua
These small but feisty fish can really bend a fly rod or light spinning rod with top water action being best in July. Pound for pound no fish fights harder, with catches of 100 fish per day. These are catch and release with fish up to 6 pounds and larger. We enjoy the summer months when fishing for Smallmouth on the river and even take a dip in the water 70 degrees. Fishing starts in May and ends in late September.
SHAD Herring
RIVERS Umpqua and Coquille
A member of the Herring family and weighing up to six pounds, this fish is growing in popularity with sportsmen because of its fighting spirit. The shad enter the river to spawn in May and June, are found in the mainstream Umpqua. When smoked and canned, the fish is superb, and the rowe is considered a delicacy through out the world.
STEELHEAD Summer and Winter
RIVERS Umpqua, Smith, Elk, Sixes, Coquille and Rogue
Sea-going Rainbow Trout are referred to as Steelhead. These fish have migrated to the ocean in their early life and return to their native stream and rivers to spawn. They follow a four-year life pattern common to the Salmon family. Summer Steelhead enter the rivers in May as water temperatures rise and continue until November. These fish are really active fish to hook up with and are great fighters and average six to ten pounds. Winter Steelhead, the more numerous of the two runs and larger fish, start into the river as heavy rains cause it to rise, which usually occurs in November and continues until March. They average seven to twelve pounds, with a few up to 25 pounds.
BASS Striped
RIVERS Umpqua and Smith
The mainstream Umpqua River below Scottsburg and the Smith River have Striped Bass up to 40 pounds. These fish are best fished for at night from our bigger boats, with plug action being best to hook one up. These fish put up a terrific fight. The meat is second only to halibut for texture and flavor, making an extra effort to catch them worthwhile. This fishery should be left to only experienced anglers, due to the type of fishing that is required.
STURGEON Green and White
RIVERS Umpqua and Coquille
Green and White Sturgeon are found in the mainstream of the Umpqua River, especially in the Gardner and Reedsport area. These monsters can get up to twelve feet in length and put up quite a fight. You can plan on relaxing until the bite goes on and then hang on until these fish really run. This fishery goes year round and is best in May through July when both Green and White are in the bay. You won’t believe how these large fish can jump for bottom dwellers. The Sturgeon is one of the best tasting fish you will ever have.

Drift Boats can hold 3 persons maximum and Jet Boats can accommodate a maximum of 4 persons.

1 person ~ $230 for the day
2 - 3 persons ~ $175 per person for the day
4 persons ~ $160 per person for the day

Guide Will Provide:
All fishing tackle & bait
(except fly fishing
Qualified Guide
Boat & Safety Equipment
An Enjoyable Day of Fishing! (6-8 hours)

You Will Need to Bring:
We will provide you with all the fishing gear you’ll need or bring along your own rod and reel.

Don’t forget the following items:

Oregon Fishing License with Tag for Fish Species
Rain gear
Warm Clothes Depending on the Season
Sunglasses Hat Gloves Coats
Snack Food and Drinks
Sun Tan Lotion
Any Medications if Necessary

Space is limited so only take what you will need.

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