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Larry’s Guide Service offers an enjoyable day of guided fishing trips on some of Southern Oregon’s scenic rivers in our comfortable, heated McKenzie Style drift boats. The views abound around each turn, wildlife is abundant, certainly catching your attention and the skies will amaze you. Using quality equipment we will show how the pros catch fish no what fish you’re after, whether it’s Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass, Chinook or the Mighty Sturgeon and the list goes on. After a few relaxing hours of fishing on these world class rivers, lunch will taste that much better and before you know it the day has past. We hope to see you real soon and we will make the trip worth your while.

With the power of these turbulent rivers or the tide of the bays, our Jet boat trips are ideal for this type of fishing. Whether it’s Sturgeon or Salmon, it’s the only way to fish. These boats are heated for your comfort and can hold up to 6 fisherman. The covered tops will help block out the wind and rain to make a more enjoyable trip. While fishing the bays or rivers you will observe the abundant wildlife including bears, deer, eagles, elk, hawks, seals, sealions, otters and the list continues.
The last of the Fall Chinook will be coming through the Elk River in January. Winter Steelhead are in full swing on most of our southern Oregon rivers with a 20 lb. fish not unusual in any of the rivers. Sturgeon are also on the feed through February in the Umpqua River bay. In March the Stripers begin to feed.
The Winter Steelhead will be winding down as the Summer Steelhead just begin. The Shad fishing derby starts in May and runs through June with these scrappy fish averaging 3 to 5 lbs, and lots of 20 to 50 fish days. Striped Bass and Sturgeon start feeding in May and are in full swing by June. Spring Chinook and Smallmouth Bass are starting in May.
Sturgeon will finish up in July with a late feed in September. Summer Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass are in full swing. The Fall Chinook will start in the bays in August in be in the rivers by Septmeber. The Coho Salmon will start in August and be in full swing by the end of September.
The Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon are running strong. There is a late run of Summer Steelhead known as the Fall Steelhead by some fishmen that can be great with 10 fish days not uncommon. The Smallmouth Bass are finishing up for the year in October and some early Winter Steelhead begin to show up in December.
Guide Will Provide:
All fishing tackle & bait
(except fly fishing
Qualified Guide
Boat & Safety Equipment
An Enjoyable Day of Fishing! (6-8 hours)

You Will Need to Bring:
We will provide you with all the fishing gear you’ll need or bring along your own rod and reel.

Don’t forget the following items:

Oregon Fishing License with Tag for Fish Species
Rain gear
Warm Clothes Depending on the Season
Sunglasses Hat Gloves Coats
Snack Food and Drinks
Sun Tan Lotion
Any Medications if Necessary

Space is limited so only take what you will need.

Bookings fill up fast so we suggest you contact Larry by E-Mail at:
Larry Averett's Guide Service

or call either of these numbers

(541) 580-4748
to make your reservation soon!